Top Ten Turntables of All Time??

Ok another top ten thread.With he renewed interest in vinyl,heres a chance to plug your favorite and help fellow audiogon members.I havent bought a new turntable since 1982. So I will start with mine. HK T60 with Grado Signature One Cart.Like the HK a lot,although probably does not quailfy for top ten,but had to start thread somewhere.So help me and the rest of us rediscover analog at its best. THANKS!!!!
Townshend Audio Rock III. A bit of an unknown..but compared to the mega buck units I've just retrieves more info.
Not in any particular order, Basis Mk4 (or 5), VPI TNT, Walker Proscenium, Rockport Cirrus, Immedia RPM, SME 20, Goldmund Reference, Versa Dynamics, and probably for sheer popularity and/or value, the Well Tempered and the Linn. Fortunately, there are a good number of beautifully performing turntables to fit every size, price, ultimate performance or simplicity of choice option to fit any buyer's needs.
there is a turntable made in the u.k. that has won japans turntable of the year for 3 years running just now being distributed by the same folks that do d.c.s.the name is notingham and I would advise a listen before doing any purchasing