Top Ten Turntables of All Time??

Ok another top ten thread.With he renewed interest in vinyl,heres a chance to plug your favorite and help fellow audiogon members.I havent bought a new turntable since 1982. So I will start with mine. HK T60 with Grado Signature One Cart.Like the HK a lot,although probably does not quailfy for top ten,but had to start thread somewhere.So help me and the rest of us rediscover analog at its best. THANKS!!!!
elizabeth...The for sale Sony PSX800 turntable (which you thought was worth $100) was bid up to $315, but the seller's reserve price was not met. Does this make the PSX800 three times better?
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In no order, and includes only those that I've listened to carefully.
-Goldmund Reference w/ T3F arm
-Thorens TD160
-Roxan Xerxes
-Linn Sondek LP12 fully tricked out w/Ekos arm
-VPI Aries with JMW10.5 arm, flywheel, and SDS
-Rega Planar III w/RB300 arm
-Ariston RD11 Superieur w/Linn Ittok
-Pink Triangle w/ Syrinx PU2
-Oracle Alexandria (Brooks Mod) w/The Arm
-La Luce Spj
-Walker Proscenium Gold
I'm biased as an owner, but my vote goes to the legendary Voyd turntable. See - - produced by Guy Adams in the UK and taken over by Audio Note in the 1990s who went on to manufacture a reall heavyweight variation called the Audio Note Reference (and to my mind impractical - 2BHP motors, times 3!).

It's a high-end turntable which doesn't look like an oil rig. The secret is in the three-motor design which gives massive speed stability without having to carry a heavyweight platter. See for details.

Teamed up with the Wilson Benesch Act 0.5 carbon fibre unipivot tonearm, the results are: crystal clear high notes, soulful midrange, powerful musical bass, inky black background.

It's Selling on Ebay just now, as I'm moving towards digital and fed up with miles and MILES of cable connecting all my separates ... or maybe it's just middle age.

Nick McB

Sota Sapphire - only because I finally bought one.

Classic design, extremely quiet, does what a turntable
is supposed to do.