Top turntables?

Which turntables bring out the most from our vinyls.
The presence ambiance, that "you are there" feeling.
I am looking to upgrade from an old tnt.
As it is mentioned, many different posts, I have to say the Transrotor Apollon that I won with 3 motors, TMD, Magnetic Drive, 80MM platter, 24vdc outboard motor controller, SME V and Benz LP does it for me.
like any component, its a matter of what you like, and one's opinion about 'where' is 'there'. If my friends are 'there', they are probably listening to ipods anyway, and the vinyl is recycled.....the day any stereo component puts you so 'there' that you can smell the 'pot' burning, let me know.
The new Grand Prix Monaco Turntable is really something very special. I owned a Basis Debut for many years and recently changed to the SME 20/2. The SME 20 was a very big improvement over my second generation Basis. I changed from the SME 20 to the Grand Prix and WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! This table is on a whole other level over my SME. I am just about as impressed with the Grand Prix as I was with the demo of the top of the line $90,000 Clairborne. Vinyl is soooosoooo quiet with black backgrounds and the sound is so pure, natural, resolving, with you are there imaging. One of the most impressive components I have experienced in my 30 years of audio.
It looks very simple but is very cutting edge in design. The secret to the sound is in the amazing accurate speed stability (direct drive), brialliant and innovetive bearing and overall design.