Top turntables?

Which turntables bring out the most from our vinyls.
The presence ambiance, that "you are there" feeling.
I am looking to upgrade from an old tnt.
Ira2000 I've owned several tables, including the P9 you mentioned above. Now own the Yorke S7 which has destroyed all previous tables, including an SME20.2 and even a Basis Debut, admittingly the Basis threw a blacker background BUT the Yorke had PACE that no other table has come close. I'd never sell the Yorke for any other table. BTW I use it with a 47 Labs cartridge.
The yorke is one of the ebst decks on the market - however the arm is not in the same league and only works well with a couple of cartridges like the shelter. Stick a different arm on and its a whole different story.

Hey you are way too busy selling diamonds to write an appropriate response. Hey bud time to change your tonearm.