Top turntables?

Which turntables bring out the most from our vinyls.
The presence ambiance, that "you are there" feeling.
I am looking to upgrade from an old tnt.

Hey you are way too busy selling diamonds to write an appropriate response. Hey bud time to change your tonearm.
To quote Johnnantais

[blockquote]You want PRESENCE, excitement, the sort of PALPABILITY which hits you in the stomach and leaves you gasping for breath...[/blockquote]

I know... idlerwheels are supposed to have it...

On the other, I had the pleasure to visit Thom from Galibier sound and listen to the Galibier Gavia with Stelvio platter - that one seems to have that in spades - amazing that a high mass design can have presence, rhythmic drive, and great dynamics, without sacrificing black backgrounds and detail retrieval.

I would highly recommend looking at the Galibier tables from the Gavia with Gavia platter to the higher end Stelvio.
Another vote for Galibier. Rock solid speed stability, excellent resonance isolation, great macro and micro dynamics.