Top turntables?

Which turntables bring out the most from our vinyls.
The presence ambiance, that "you are there" feeling.
I am looking to upgrade from an old tnt.
I've been at the German High End 2007, there are a few Demonstration Set Ups with Turntables (Raven, DPS, Continuum, Audiomeca ....) Honestly, when the Line Stage or Phono Stage is dead sounding (and there are loads of them out there), forget the analog Magic. The result is a dead, lifeless, dull Sound without an Airy, lifelike High Frequency Area. Discussions about Turntables is like rolling a Dice ....
Jean Nantais inimitably wrote: "You want PRESENCE, excitement, the sort of PALPABILITY which hits you in the stomach and leaves you gasping for breath, try a properly set-up idler-wheel drive. "

And all I can lamely say is... "X 10"
What Patrickamory said. Beg Jean Nantais to build you a Lenco -- even the cosmetics are getting superb now. Then marvel.
Palasr: I see your logic but have you ever had a better cart on your Galibier rig? I haven't heard a cart under $800 that got me anywhere near my digital system on my friends setups.
What Phono Pre do you fit in that mix?
I agree totally with Richard (Palasr). It may not be coincidental that he and I are using the exact same setup---Galibier Gavia, Triplanar VII and Denon 103R.

The phono hierarchy should be table first, then arm, then cartridge. Part of my reason for saying this is just practical experience. Table upgrades have provided me with the most improvement in musical pleasure. A better arm can sound better, a better cartridge can sound better, but these are mostly hi-fi artifacts---detail and imaging for example. A table upgrade can change your whole listening paradigm. I have used 4 tonearms on my Galibier---the Triplanar, a Moerch DP-6, VPI JMW-10 and AQ PT-6. They all sound quite different, but frankly I could be quite happy with any of them...provided it was on the Galibier table. So I would always advise focusing your phono budget on the table provided you have enough left over for a decent arm and decent cartridge.

This doesn't mean that any $300 cartridge would be equally satisfying. The Denon is truly the overachieving cartridge of both this century and the last. I am amused to read so-called reviews of the Denon on e-zines that conclude it is "good for the money" but can't compete with a Benz Glider or what have you. Such a comment only reveals that the "reviewer" hasn't heard the Denon under optimal conditions, and in my experience that means a Triplanar arm. My feelings toward the Denon were only so-so with my other arms (VPI JMW-10, Moerch DP-6 and AQ PT-6), but the Denon took a huge step forward in the Triplanar. The Denon is not a universal cartridge like most budget carts. It is very particular about tonearms, it has a low output and needs to be loaded properly. But if you are prepared to treat it like a $3000 cartridge and spend some time (and money) to operate it under optimal conditions, then it can sound terrific by any standard.