Tornado and Thunder Power Cables

Hi all,

I am going to be upgrading my power cables for my preamp, 2 channel power amp and 5 channel power amp and I have chosen the following power cables to use in my setup:

1m Tornado(source)- preamp
2m Tornado(high current)- 2 channel power amp
1m Tornado( high current)- 5 channel power amp

In terms of bringing the cost down, if I used a 1m Thunder power cable for the 5 channel amp instead of the 1m Tornado(high current) would I be missing anything sonically by not using a Tornado HC power cable? Does anyone in the forum have a similar setup or are using a Thunder HC power cable as well mixed with the Tornado power cables? If so, what are your thoughts? Would it be better to just keep it all the same brand of power cable consistent or is there a huge sonic difference between the two power cables that would warrant me to stay with the Tornado HC power cable for my 5 channel amp?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts. Much appreciated.


If you can hear the difference caused by any power cable your amp/pre-amp is crap.  A good power supply will easily filter out any possible noise far better tan any cable can by changing its capacitance/inductance or both.  Have someone change the stock cables randomly with the new ones and you are blindfolded and not told which cable is being used.  have them do this about 10 times and each time you mark which sounded best, A or B.  If you do no better than chance, it isn't the cables.
I run Tornados on a pair of Bryston 28B3 monoblocks and they seem to not be creating any issues. I have also used one on a tube integrated. Again no issue. Just good performance from my gear. I can’t speak to the AQ Thunder. But I went with the Tornado based on the better specs, and I found them used for less than MSRP. 
+1 @barjohn

You’re wasting good money on these questionable power cables. I get the need to improve on a system that you undoubtedly feel is pretty good (regardless of @riley804’s comments). You should look to spend that money elsewhere in the system to elicit the kind of improvement you’re seeking.

The Rotels that you own are 'beasts' of an amp. Rotel engineers will have designed a wonderful and suitable power supply inside them, one that does all the mains power filtering needed. An (overly) expensive power cable won't / shouldn't be able to add much to that. If Rotel didn't do a good job, you wouldn't have bought them in the first place.

My guess is you could spend your money on other nice or fun things because you're probably not going to hear a difference, besides maybe the psychological effect that your brain wants to hear a difference after you made a serious investment.

If to you such power cables fall in the category of nice / fun things to have then to answer your question: your 2x350 Watts amp, delivered via 110V requires 7A, or or 3A if you're on 240V. The cable should be rated for those 7 Amperes.