Toronto Audio Enthusiasts

My name is Colm and I live in Brampton. Are there other out there who might be interested in forming an informal "Audio Club" via Audiogon? This region is fertile territory for such a gathering of like-minded audio-interested individuals. All that has been missing is the comminications! LMK Regards, Colm
Fellow Canadians,

We have a small group, so check it out:
Signed up with egroups. I live in Waterloo, but will be moving to Toronto this summer for a Co-Op job through Waterloo. Hope to meet some of you.

All the best,

I'm an audio nut bar. Can't go through the day without thinking about audio. I'm in Toronto. I think I need theraphy. LOL. Colm from Brampton I know you I bought something from you in the pass.