Toshiba 9200 or Sone 9000 for DVD HT

Which progressive scan DCD player is better as far as far as DVD picture quality. The Sony 9000 ES, or the Toshiba 9200 on a Sony XBR 400 HDTV capable TV?

Has anyone done a AB test with them?
Video is about equal....both are great. Do you prefer SACD or DVD-Audio? On CD playback I think the 9200 wins out. You can find the 9200 at extremely attractive prices is you look around too. You will not be disappointed with either. BTW....IMHO the Sony looks a little cooler.
The video is not equal. I cannot coment on CD playback. I may be able to pickup a 9200 dirt cheap,then I could compare the audio performance.
I have both units and with video the Sony tends to be slightly softer than the Toshiba,it doesn't mean the Sony is inferior just slightly different. It just defends on what you prefer. I like both units.
I compared these two players side by side for progressive video performance only. Out of the box the 9200 was softer and the color intensity was down. This was on my ISF'd Elite 510. What was really strange was the 9100 I owned had the same color intensity as the Sony unit! Anyway, you can increase the color intensity on the 9200 but it bothered me it was inconsistant with the 9100 and the 9000.

I chose the 9000es because once I tweaked it's progressive output it was simply sharper than the 9200. The 9200 was to soft, which may be an advantage on grainy/noisey transfers. For your set I strongly suggest the 9000es which is a real bargin right now.
I am sure glad everyone is bright enouph to realize that Sone is really Sony. My bad.

As I expected it seems about 50/50. But the Sony folks provide a sightlly stronger argument.

Any type breakers out there?

I forgot to mention that the DVD plarer will be hooked up to a Lexicon CP-2.