Total spent on music vs equipment?

I estimate I have about $8K in audio equipment and just over $20K in LP's/CD's/downloaded files.

How about you all?
I have never kept track, but I have one room for music and movie storage and another for equipment....totally insane.
Wow, it must be a heck of a collection when average CD costs $10-$15 a pop. I need a few hundreds more CDs to break even.
System-$100,000, Music-$13.95. I really like audio equipment but am not that onto music. 8^)
"Hat's off to you for spending more on music than equipment!!!"

Not included in that total is my massive LP collection (I inherited my dad's LP's and continued collecting my own LP's into my early thirties) I sold-off for peanuts. At least I should have have hung-on to the collectible Lp's. Duh!