Totem Acoustic Element Metal: The WOW factor!

Like most audioholics, my speaker odyssey has been a long and winding one. Von Schweikert, Audio Physic Scorpio, Dali Epicon, PBN Montana, Wilson Benesch, Dynaudio, Apogee Duetta Sigs, Totem Mani 2, Focal Electra 1037BE... you get the idea. All very good (some excellent) in their own right, but none able to keep the “bug” at bay for very long.

Having only had the Totem Metal for 2 months now, I’m hesitant to proclaim that I’m cured, but... I cannot recall being so deeply satisfied with every aspect of a speaker’s performance as I am these exquisite obelisks. These speakers are really quite like nothing I’ve had in the past; if I didn’t know better I could close my eyes and swear that I’m listening to a pair of Maggie 20.1 or big Apogees, but more dynamic! These things do percussion like nothing I’ve ever owned.

 I suspect the quickness is a product of the dual 7.5” drivers running without a crossover; a design I’ve always loved. I also do not discount that I may have stumbled upon a terrific synergy with my Pass Labs amplification; XA30.5 amp and X1 preamp running fully balanced. Incredible speed, resolution and fatigue-free DYNAMICS! I say again, wow. 

I’m not fool enough to think that the bug won’t bite again (absent a lobotomy), but I can honestly say I am flabbergasted by the Totems’ all around fatigue-free, transparent “being there” performance. If you have a chance to audition a pair in your listening environment I strongly recommend you try them. Wow.
Seanheis: Totem does publish its measurements. Pretty impressive. They control the frequency to the 7.5” Torrent drivers via a magnetic field innovation involving the motor structure (which I don’t fully understand). However they do it it yields incredible results.
I have yet to hear a Totem speaker (model) that I did not like. Something about their tonality and bigger-than-their-size performance that impressed me each time. Interesting to hear that a Pass 30 wpc amp is is able to make the Hawks deliver their potential. Goes to show the quality of the amp. I heard the Element Earth driven by a Mark Levinson No. 585 and I thought it sounded excellent but just a tad on the bright side for my taste.  Class A Pass Labs amps would be a better match, as you've discovered with your Metal.
kalali - He is talking about the  Metals, a complete new design from the Hawks. They have a newly developed driver based on Totem's Torrent technology.  Since you mention the Earth, it might just be a misprint.

I think the OP is incorrect on the lack of crossover. From Totem's site:
Besides this, other major technical innovations were developed internally at Totem. The stainless steel and thick aluminum-based voice coils are not only under-hung within the magnets but also fully immersed in a super strong yet completely localized magnetic field. This specialized enclosure, like a cradle, retains multiple claw-shaped magnetic segments, allowing for a full one-inch throw of the driver. The 7-inch cone is fully rear-damped yet light and stiff. All Element drivers have free air resonances in the 16-17 Hz area. 
No mention of a lack of crossover which one would imagine would be something they would be touting. Also when I clicked on the manual it mentions the "meticulously designed crossover". Impressing looking speakers nonetheless and congrats klipschking! Though you may need a new moniker :-)
Hi Jond. Per V. Bruzzeze of Totem, the Element series indeed employs the Torrent driver without a (conventional) crossover. The witchy magnetic motor assembly somehow accomplishes the frequency modulation. The manual is probably referring to the simple tweeter protection. I WISH I KNEW HOW TO CHANGE MY USER NAME!! Can’t seem to figure it out...