Totem Acoustic Element Metal: The WOW factor!

Like most audioholics, my speaker odyssey has been a long and winding one. Von Schweikert, Audio Physic Scorpio, Dali Epicon, PBN Montana, Wilson Benesch, Dynaudio, Apogee Duetta Sigs, Totem Mani 2, Focal Electra 1037BE... you get the idea. All very good (some excellent) in their own right, but none able to keep the “bug” at bay for very long.

Having only had the Totem Metal for 2 months now, I’m hesitant to proclaim that I’m cured, but... I cannot recall being so deeply satisfied with every aspect of a speaker’s performance as I am these exquisite obelisks. These speakers are really quite like nothing I’ve had in the past; if I didn’t know better I could close my eyes and swear that I’m listening to a pair of Maggie 20.1 or big Apogees, but more dynamic! These things do percussion like nothing I’ve ever owned.

 I suspect the quickness is a product of the dual 7.5” drivers running without a crossover; a design I’ve always loved. I also do not discount that I may have stumbled upon a terrific synergy with my Pass Labs amplification; XA30.5 amp and X1 preamp running fully balanced. Incredible speed, resolution and fatigue-free DYNAMICS! I say again, wow. 

I’m not fool enough to think that the bug won’t bite again (absent a lobotomy), but I can honestly say I am flabbergasted by the Totems’ all around fatigue-free, transparent “being there” performance. If you have a chance to audition a pair in your listening environment I strongly recommend you try them. Wow.
I have strong memories of Totem.  My first exposure to 'higher end' speakers and a 'high end' audio store. Surprisingly, I was moved by the Totem lineup and not B&W in that brick and mortar store. It's where it began for me. I ended up with Totem Winds a few years later.
In  a typical crossover the higher frequencies are filtered out before the signal gets to midrange/woofers. That is not done in these speakers since the Torrent drivers were designed to work with the full frequency range.  The woofers are connected directly to the binding posts.

From there website

"The genesis for the TORRENT’s revolutionary magnetic application was our conviction that a driver could be made without using any active or passive crossover parts in the signal path of the woofer section. "

I have heard the designer (and company founder) Vince Bruzzese discuss this concept on several occasions. He believes this design contributes to the excellent sound of his speakers that use the Torrent drivers.
Sorry for the redundant information. I got delayed in posting and klipschking beat me to it.  But I did have the website link. By the way, if you have not looked at Totem's website, take a look. It, like the speakers, is a thing of beauty.
Apologies the page on the Element Metal speakers didn't describe the no crossover aspect of the drivers hence my mistake. Enjoy your speakers klipschking!
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