Totem Acoustic Forest Signatures

I am putting together a new 2 channel system! I am looking for a new pair of speakers and my budget is around $7000. This thread has to deal only with the Totem Acoustic Forest Signatures!!!!!!  I have always been a fan of Totem Acoustic and love the Totem sound.  I have owned almost all their speakers except for the element series and the Forest Signatures. I have been trying to find reviews on the signatures but can't find anything useful so I am turning to the Audiogon crowd.

Has anyone demoed these or does anyone currently own a pair or owned a pair in the past that can give some useful insight? I don't listen to my music at high volumes and my music mainly consists of R&B from the 50's till now.

The speakers will be hooked up to the following - Hegel H360 integrated 
- Hegel Cdp4a CD player 
- Audioquest Wild Blue Yonder interconnects
- Audioquest Wild Wood speaker cable
- Audioquest Wel Signature power cables
- Shunyata MPC12A power conditioner but looking to upgrade to their new Denali series.
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Hi Guys, i have scoured the internet for any info on the forest signatures and this thread here is the best thing going it seems. Can't find any professional reviews..which is ok, im no professional. i just like to rock out when listening rather then analyzing sound. Just there to enjoy it. Having said that, keep this thread going guys!! I want to hear more! I have always wanted a pair of totem forests.. Ive never heard them, just LOVE the look and the idea of totems addictive sound. There is a totem dealer somewhat close but they dont have forests for demo. My amp is a NAD C388. Do you guys think that will be ok with the forests? It's 150w per channel, since they seem to be power hungry. I dont have the budget to get crazy nice gear, but i do want these crazy nice speakers. They will be in a 2.1 setup that i actually watch tv and movies with as well. These speakers would be fine for that too right? I listen to all types of music. Currently have Sonus Faber Venere 3.0s that im trying to get rid of in order to get these. They are awesome, but seem too laid back, i want something with more excitement! Or top end sparkle that I think im missing. They are great with classical, jazz, and blues which im def a fan of but sometimes i like to listen to electronic or even metal! So even if you don't answer any of this, Dave_B, Nutty, keep talking about these speakers and hyping me up!!!
Definitely will play them fairly well in a modest size room.  They are revealing so you will hear everything, which means more excitement and snap!  Soundstage is holographic with great micro and macro dynamics.  They are very open and play cleanly...if they would sound rough when pushed then you need more power.
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I’m afraid I’m not familiar with your amplifier, but I can tell you that Totem speakers like a lot of good clean power and high current. The Totem Signatures are very natural and lifelike.

Today I switched from my Ayre C-X7eMP CD player and spun discs through the Oppo BDP105D and Audioquest Colorado interconnects.

Listened to Joe Satriani, S/T, (1995) Great production CD