Totem Acoustic Forest Signatures

I am putting together a new 2 channel system! I am looking for a new pair of speakers and my budget is around $7000. This thread has to deal only with the Totem Acoustic Forest Signatures!!!!!!  I have always been a fan of Totem Acoustic and love the Totem sound.  I have owned almost all their speakers except for the element series and the Forest Signatures. I have been trying to find reviews on the signatures but can't find anything useful so I am turning to the Audiogon crowd.

Has anyone demoed these or does anyone currently own a pair or owned a pair in the past that can give some useful insight? I don't listen to my music at high volumes and my music mainly consists of R&B from the 50's till now.

The speakers will be hooked up to the following - Hegel H360 integrated 
- Hegel Cdp4a CD player 
- Audioquest Wild Blue Yonder interconnects
- Audioquest Wild Wood speaker cable
- Audioquest Wel Signature power cables
- Shunyata MPC12A power conditioner but looking to upgrade to their new Denali series.
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As the "poor country mouse " owner of NON-Signature Forests, I’ll venture to add my comment to those of dave and Nutty re suitability of your NAD C388 for driving any version of the Forests. At 150 wpc it should be more than adequate power-wise. If you have concerns, read comments at the link I posted earlier in this thread.

I started out with a 60 wpc tube integrated when I first got the Forests. That was 11 years ago. Amps have been upgraded over the years. The Forests stayed. They respond very well to better source and amplification. Even now, I don’t think the system is at a point where the Forests are the limiting factor in the quality of music produced by the system. I expect this "scalability" will apply even more so to Signatures.
The Forests are like a Swiss Army knife in terms of versatility. There’s no musical genre they DON’T sound great with (assuming the recording quality is okay to begin with). They’ll be fine for HT audio. You might even find that sub has to be dialed back.

Wattage is a helpful specification to look at when considering amps for use with Forests and pursuit of high watts is certainly the more commonly chosen route BUT that’s not to say they won’t sound good with less than mega-watt amplifiers. Case in point, the very very good results I’m getting driving the Forests with a 20 wpc Nelson Pass designed First Watt F7. Repeating this only so you aren’t put off pursuing the Forests because you think you don’t have adequate amplification right now.

Again, 150 wpc from your NAD should be more than sufficient (assuming you don’t listen at max dB (110 IIRC) in a large room). Of course, simple wpc is not the only factor that’s going to determine the happiness of the marriage. I’d certainly encourage you to take your amp and visit a Totem dealer. Even if they don’t have Forests, see if you can get a listen to Hawks driven by it. The Hawks are similar (not identical) to the Forests being a 2 way and having that wonderful Totem sound. They are a slightly tougher load (6 ohm vs 8 nominal impedance). If your amp works with Hawks and you like the sound, I’m pretty certain you will love the sound with the Forests. You might also consider contacting David Serota of David Lewis Audio and see if he can arrange an in home audition for you. I’ve not dealt with him but Nutty has and might be willing to comment further about that.
Thank you ghosthouse! as usual for the positive feedback and insight. You know you're always welcome in the discussion. Particularly with your extensive knowledge of the Totem Forest. 

I wanted a pair of Forests for a very long time even without ever hearing them. At my local shop, I listened to the Arros and the Hawks and the bookshelves and knew I wanted the Totem sound. However my local shop wouldn't stock the Forests. 
I bought a used pair and ultimately found damage and returned them. But not before listening to them for about a five days to get a feel for the sound. 

I found a dealer with one pair Forests and one pair of Signatures left in stock. He made me a deal on the Signatures I could not refuse. Having listened to both the Forests and the Signatures, I say swing for the fences and purchase the Signatures if your finances allow it. They look and sound amazing. Attack, decay and harmonics! All Signature attributes of Totem. 

As ghosthouse and dave_b have pointed out, associated equipment, cabling and media all play a role in a more positive outcome. The performance is off the charts! I bought my speakers and never looked back. 

All of the following information was provided by Totem Acoustic web pages. Some subtle differences between the Forest and the Signature. 

The Signature is slightly larger:

Forest 10.5" deep

Signatures  11.5" deep 

Forest 34" tall

Signatures 36" tall 

The frequency specifications are slightly different: 

Forest <33hz - 20khz

Signature <30 - 22khz

Forest 1 rear port, 1 lower port for mass loading 

Signature 2 rear ports, enameled high gloss (no mass loading)

In addition, the crossover components have been upgraded and the values of the capacitors are measured to match the other speaker in the pair. 

YouTube links, Vince Bruzzese debuting the New Forest Signature. 
Another showing the new Signature 1 and some of the Totem manufacturing process.

Wow, thanks so much guys. The support from you guys makes me want them even more. Swinging for the fences is a great way to put it, cause the sigs are pretty pricey. If I can't get a deal from the dealer, ill probably have to go with the regular version forests. Which should still be awesome I think! Don't think I'll get a deal as they don't have any forest, or forest sigs in stock. I believe they have the sky's in stock, so I can go check those out to hear the totem sound. I'll ask about taking my amp. Do have a question about the normal forests. I know they have been around for quite a few years now. Has anything changed over the years on the forest? Cause there's other alternatives speakers/manufacturers that have much more up to date speakers if thats the case. Not that im interested in anything else, just wondering or hoping, that they've made some updates over the years to keep them performing for their price point. This is all in case I can't get a deal on the sigs :/   Tons of great info from you guys! Thanks!!!
Forgot to mention this earlier. Another part of the reason i'm asking about any changes in the forest over time is because I've seen some publications or reviews on the forests that said they were $3.5k for the pair. The dealer told me they were $4.2k(satin finish) so they have went up in price quite a bit over time.
Dave_b, ghosthouse, 

I received two 18x15x2 Mapleshade platforms yesterday. I'll be making minor adjustments to the speaker positions and re-evaluating their performance. I'll report back on the sound but they look fantastic. 

I'm really appreciating the rear inert rubber decoupling balls. They really solidify the speaker to the plinth. Totem strikes again. The rear skid plate on the Signatures really stabilizes the speaker well.