Totem Acoustic Forest Signatures

I am putting together a new 2 channel system! I am looking for a new pair of speakers and my budget is around $7000. This thread has to deal only with the Totem Acoustic Forest Signatures!!!!!!  I have always been a fan of Totem Acoustic and love the Totem sound.  I have owned almost all their speakers except for the element series and the Forest Signatures. I have been trying to find reviews on the signatures but can't find anything useful so I am turning to the Audiogon crowd.

Has anyone demoed these or does anyone currently own a pair or owned a pair in the past that can give some useful insight? I don't listen to my music at high volumes and my music mainly consists of R&B from the 50's till now.

The speakers will be hooked up to the following - Hegel H360 integrated 
- Hegel Cdp4a CD player 
- Audioquest Wild Blue Yonder interconnects
- Audioquest Wild Wood speaker cable
- Audioquest Wel Signature power cables
- Shunyata MPC12A power conditioner but looking to upgrade to their new Denali series.
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At The Rock last night...BTS!!  Awesome show with a positive message.  Don’t think my Forest Signatures could quite handle the dynamics of their live show!
Just posting an update. Finally ordered a set of Forests in satin white! Regular version though. I went a little different route with the amp. Getting a deal on a NAD M32 master series integrated. Its 180wpc rather than the previous amps 150wpc, which I was able to return. Should be a better amp then their regular series amps. It's reviewed very well anyways. I couldn't afford the signatures :( But with a little bit better amplification then I previously had I think the forests will be great for me! I know i'm flying blind on these as I haven't heard either but the totem dealer took my Sonus Fabers on trade(which is awesome because I tried and couldn't sell them) and the NAD M32 is one of the only integrated's on the market that has the availability of 4k hdmi. I'm using this as a 2 channel setup with a tv, which was a requirement. So, any recommendations on budget speaker cables? like in the 100-200 range? I have been recommended signal cable from a very knowledgeable gentlemen on this thread but looking for any other opinions or ideas as well!
Let me add mine to dave_b's.  Hope you are happy with them.  Just be patient during break in.  Follow Totem's guidance on this.  Don't over drive them.  The bass will be MIA for a good while.  But is one of their strong points when they are fully broken in.  

I've had a pair of Forests for over 10 years.  Not tired of them yet.  They scale well, which is to say upgrade electronics and cabling...they'll reflect those improvements.  

As far as speaker cable, your budget will go furthest with used.  Check out US Audio Mart.  Brand-wise, in addition to Signal Cable, Blue Jeans Cable is often cited as a good starting point (I've not used it).  Other high value brands to consider:  Clear Day Audio, Audio Art, & Virtue Audio.  Check out Stereo Mojo for other recommendations.