Totem Element Metal vs B&W 803d?

Can anyone comment on one vs the other?

I currently own a pair of Von Schweikert Unifield 3 speakers. While I like them and they work in an NYC apartment, I feel like there's just something missing in the low end.

I walked over to Stereo Exchange a few weeks back and took a brief listen to the Totem Element Metal and my first thought was that the sound was "bigger" in every way. I need to go back with some material to do an extended listen and also check out the 803D.

I don't have room for the 802D footprint, so don't recommend that :)

I supposed I'm open to other suggestions, too. Should be a similar footprint to the 2 I mentioned

amp is Pass x250.5
I auditioned the metal, 803 and Cremonas. Too me the 803 tweeter was too bright. It was a choice between the Cremonas and metal, I went with the Cremonas, as to my ears, the most accurate. I use a Mac MC205 for amp.
What is your budget? None of those speakers don't sound good to me either. They are well built and awesome but you are looking for more.
I have listened to all three speakers with different amps. I am a former owner of the 803d's. Used them with parasound JC-1s and enjoyed them very much. I never found the tweater to be an issue in my room, but I do enjoy the B&W sound, especially the 803d's. I only sold them to move to Electrostats (ML Summits). I demo'd the cremonas before I bought the 803d's. I found the cremonas to laid back for my taste, not as dynamic as the 803d's. I recently heard the metals and they may replace my Summits. Of course, I heard them on MBL amps. They seemed to fall in between the B&W's and the SF's. Nice tight base with smooth yet precise highs. I enjoyed them. Others opinions may differ.
I don't think Stereo Exchange carries Aerials, but a set of 7T's may be to your liking. (Around $9500 a pair)
I auditioned all of the above and chose the Totem Element Metal. I just love the “big” open sound that those (semi) full-range 8” drivers create. I haven’t found anything else that matches my Pass components so well (XA30.5 and X1). Superb!!