Totem Forest and Budget Amplifiers

I have a wonderful set of Totem Forest Speakers and I need advice on a budget friendly integrated amp (less than 1K) to carry me over a year or two until I can afford to upgrade. I've been through two amps so far, a Rotel 1080 which was a little too bright for me and a Jolida 1501 which to me was too forward and less appealing than the Rotel. I listen at pretty low "bedroom" levels so I may be able to get by with a lower powered all tube setup such as the Jolida 302/502 or Primaluna. Not opposed to SS but was thinking all tubes as a change. I listen to mainly vocalist and piano

Thanks in advance for the advice.
The tube amps listed are good choices - PrimaLuna would have to be used, but ProLogue 1 would be very nice match.

Solid state my choices would be in this order:

-Naim Nait 5 - used (very good match with Totem)

-Music Hall's new larger integrated amp (good match with Totem)

-Cambridge Audio 840A v2 - used (very good amp, must be "v2")

-NAD C-372 - used (very good amp)

-Musical Fidelity A3.5 - (very good amp)

In my book, these would all kick the Rotel's a$$ paired with the Forests.
There are a few Manley Stingrays near your price range that might be worth looking into.