Totem Mani 2 At The Thrift

I found a pair of these at the thrift store the other day, and the more I listen to them the more revealing they are.
And the more amazed I found them the way I did. 
They are sitting on top of a pair of Yamaha NS 1000's, also a thrift find from a decade ago, and the Yamaha's may envelope the room more obviously I am hearing thing coming out of the Mani's that I have not heard with the NS 1000's.
Using a Adcom GTP 400 Pre, and an Acurus A250. I need to pull out my Yamaha CR 2040 and see how they sound with that.
They put so much stuff on their website for sale I was surprised they put these out. I would love to know what was driving them, but I bet they kept that for their website.

(All of the above equipment has come from the thrift over the years.)
Believe it or not the first unit I ran with them to test them was a NAD 7140. The NAD being the great little unit it is drove them effortlessly.

I will continue to use my group of amps. 

I would mention that I been running these for two years now with a Denon 980 R. Couldn't be happier......(I know I could do better amp wise but not for the price....)

Totems at a thrift store? That's like a car in a barn find! Lucky you! A few years ago I found a pair of Spica 50s at a local thrift store and I thought that was a golden egg fine for Thrift stores.

I found a pair of JBL 4311’s a week before the Mani 2’s. $40, sold for $600.....nice speaker, just didn’t need them. The Totem’s are sitting on top of them.

Not familiar with Spica. I am always on the hunt......

The CR 2040 doesn’t really have enough current for the Mani’. A nice 200W SS amp that doubles down into 4 ohms is what you need to look for.