Totem Mani 2 At The Thrift

I found a pair of these at the thrift store the other day, and the more I listen to them the more revealing they are.
And the more amazed I found them the way I did. 
They are sitting on top of a pair of Yamaha NS 1000's, also a thrift find from a decade ago, and the Yamaha's may envelope the room more obviously I am hearing thing coming out of the Mani's that I have not heard with the NS 1000's.
Using a Adcom GTP 400 Pre, and an Acurus A250. I need to pull out my Yamaha CR 2040 and see how they sound with that.
They put so much stuff on their website for sale I was surprised they put these out. I would love to know what was driving them, but I bet they kept that for their website.

(All of the above equipment has come from the thrift over the years.)


They would sound much better on proper stands. Buy a set with all of the money that you saved on the speakers. Speakers are NOT speaker stands.

Sound great listening to Art Pepper on MY VERSION of speaker stands.


I would upgrade my Amp, but nah. Only on the fly. Local dig spot won't put good amps out any longer. Sigh.

(A few vintage pieces will be going in the near future)

So you are waiting to find a Krell or Mark Levinson in the thrift store before you upgrade that Acurus?  Not only would the Totems sound better on stands, but with better electronics too….


You must be kidding! If he won't spring for stands, he probably regards Acurus as state of the art.