Totem The One or Dynaudio Contour S1.4

I am buying a new system and have narrowed the choice two:

1. Ayre AX7E + Totem the ONE
2. Naim Nait XS+ Dynaudio Contour S1.4

My source will be a Bel Canto Dac 3 and apple lossless.

Both sytems can be listened to, but at different shops. I'm sure both are excellent, so no bad choice.

I would appreciate input from those with experience with these combinations or at least the components. How would you choose? Many thanks in advance for your thoughts.
I haven't heard the Totem's but in my opinion option 2 would provide the best sound. Naim, is crystal clear but gentle and the Dynaudios are simultaneously strong and laid-back. I think with the Ayre (can be slightly edgy on the highs but beautiful midrange) and the Totem's which I've read can be a bit harsh with the highs, option 1 wouldn't be as pleasing to the ears.
take the two best there is only one....ayre with the one would be over the top for me,,,i own naim and arro totems and love it but ones with
I really like the S1.4s with the XS; the combination is a clear winner with excellent synergy. Plus, you can upgrade the power supply on the XS when funds permit. (Note: We are a Naim and Dynaudio dealer)
If you go for the S1.4s, make sure you have a big enough room for them. If they are too close to the rear wall, you will get a big peak in the 40-50hz range because of the giant port in back.
Last week I had heard the Naim 5i with Dyn Sapphires and later the super nait with the C2's. All I can say is I'm glad my dealer has carpeting or I would have had to to get stitches in my chin when my jaw hit the ground. Excellent synergy and very musical. Like Nextlevelav stated adding the P/S at a later date would only be the icing on the cake. I did listen with and without the P/S and I will say the P/S made a significant difference (for the better).
I am a Dyn C1 owner (maybe someday C2) and a Naim wanna be owner after hearing those combo's.
My vote option 2