Tower vs Similar Bookshelf?

I asked this question in an unrelated thread but did not get an answer so I'm going to see what kind of input I get by posting as a separate thread:

I'm looking at lower end speakers for my cabin.

I was looking at a certain brand and noticed their lowest end small tower speaker had a 6.5" woofer and 1" tweeter. These were the same woofer  and  tweeter that come in one of their bookshelf speakers. The towers cost about $100-$150 more than the bookshelf version. Both have bass ports in the the rear.

My question is: Is there any sonic benefit over the tower model verses the bookshelf model with essentially the same hardware? Better bass? Different crossover? Any thoughts appreciated.
If you are ok with used speakers why not do a zip code search on eBay and Craigslist using the generic term " Speakers " and see what you find ,you could also create threads on any forums you belong to where you give out your zip code or city and ask members if they have any unused speakers they'd be willing to part with for your budgeted price range .

A year or 2 ago I saw a thread on the Emotiva forums by a kid trying to find a reasonably priced DAC for $100 or less ,he lived in my state so I posted that I would GIVE him an unused Emotiva DAC ,when he showed up to pick up his free DAC he asked if I would show him my system as he had never seen an entire McIntosh system ,so I showed him & spent a few minutes talking to him ,found out he was a nice kid ,when we went into my garage to get the DAC out of the attic I used the beat up Klipsch Lascalas in my garage as a step stool & he mentioned how he would love to one day own a pair of Lascalas ,damn things we're in my way so I gave them to him too ,he came back the following weekend with a friend and a truck & got those things out of my way ,they were cosmetically beat down but mechanically sound , I think you'll find there are alot of us with extra gear laying around ,stuffed in closets and attics or garages that's cosmetically not fit to sell but is light years above what you can buy new , just yesterday on the Emotiva forums a member gave away 3 sets of quality cans he had laying around ,I'm not a headphone kinda guy so I didn't take a pair but 3 other members did ,don't be in a rush ,$350 is still alot of money ,do some searches and post some threads ,after all your not asking for charity ,you have money to spend .
I donated a pair of NHT super zero's to goodwill when I downsized to a patio home earlier this year. Never can tell what you might find there thinking about giving them my old pioneer dvd/ cd player I never use anymore. 
djones51 a friend of mine here in Agon found a McIntosh Pre/Pro at his local Goodwill for $300 with factory packing ,I hesitate to post his name because he flipped it for $1,200 and I know some people hate gear resellers .

Your post made me remember something very unexpected a member of Audioholics did for me ,his username is WMAX and he's some sort of audio engineer and is of the mind all amps sound the same ,seeing pictures of my McIntosh system with 4 McIntosh amps triamping my fronts he sent me a pair of Behringer A-500 pro amps that cost $199 each ,the amps are 100wpc @8ohms and 500wpc @8ohms bridged mono ,he wanted me to do a real time A/B test against my pair of McIntosh Mc-252s being ran as 500 watt monoblocks powering my mids , I did the test switching amps on the fly and didn't really hear any difference below 10 watts ,above 10 watts night & day , when I finished he told me to keep the amps as a gift ,I can also remember when the owner of Audio Salon bought a McIntosh Mc-7104 I had been wanting for my Home Theater and just sent it to me with a note saying " pay me when you can " ,there's some great people in our hobby for sure .
I did a zip code eBay search just for 'stereo speakers'. Got 23 hits. All but two were Bose speakers. Not just from one place. Weird.
More searching and these two are available locally:

Klipsch Synergy F-2 Black tower speakers $200 local pick up.

Polk Audio T90e Euro floor standing towers $200 local pick up.

Both sets look to be in good shape. Close by. Both look like low end speakers in terms of styling. But I'm sure both would probably sound better than the Bose 2.2s I have.