Towers with massive dynamics & soundstage $3k?

Heya. Just looking to garner vouches for floorstanders up to $3k used/new that DO jaw-dropping dynamic crescendos and that have a wide and deep soundstage.

Theoretical shortlist is currently blank.

Weird sized room 15' x 31'. Assume beefy SS amplification. Mainly listening to symphonic classical and electronica!
Thiel 3.6 or 2.4...have not checked 2nd hand prices in a long while. built like tanks...will take loads of power and respond in kind.

B&W floorstanders 804,etc possibly...sweeter sound, less detailing but respond well to high power
Klipsch(Klipschorns, La scalas), and & other brand types with horn driven speakers.
Tyler Acoustics Freedom Towers. There is a pair for sale now.

Thiel is another good choice and they REQUIRE lots of power to make them sing. Can be a little "energetic sounding" from my experience.
I concur with the Tyler Acoustics...I purchased a set of Woodmere's just above your price point and they are phenomenal. I would give Tyler a call, he had a good deal on some custom made full range in his shop that were traded in not long ago.