Townshend platform under digital component or amplifier ?

I would appreciate suggestions from those who use and understand the importance of isolation as to where best to employ a Townshend platform which has a yellow rating so is suitable for components.  Please don't recommend spikes which are a mistake from the 80's    My speakers are DIY open baffle currently on Isoacoustics Gaia which I'm not that impressed with. Springs are the way to go but will have to be DIY due to a difficult layout.

The obvious thing would be to experiment, sure, but my rack is DIY with threaded rods which when adjusted will upset my cable management so where would I get the best reward?


I have all Townshend everything. Allegri preamp, Cables and Seismics...I put 4 pods of appropriate weight bearing under my Rowland Monoblocks, sub and all other components. Seismic rack corners, a platform under my turntable and platforms under my speakers. Fantastic. 


I use these under all my electronics and turntable:

To be fair, I'm not sure about the audible impact of the additional isolation by these rubber and cork pads but I figure it can't hurt.

OTOH, I also use these under my subwoofer which have had an amazing impact.

Happy listening.

Hey guys, I appreciate all the responses received. I tried the Platform sized for my heavy Wadia DAC which was an improvement but found more reward placed under the Oppo. There is a 10Kg weight difference so I added that amount to the top of the player which brings it to the middle of the recommended range.

I had the Oppo on Isoacoustics so listened with them removed and this reaffirmed my impression that they were helping only a little, certainly nowhere near the Townshend Platform performance. The sound was immediately more relaxed and detailed as would be expected from a lower noise floor. My 7m x 5m room is well treated acoustically so we were hearing more of the venue. Great fun. Impressed.


Isolation can only exist in the absence of matter. With that said there would be no sound.. Here is an improvement that doesn’t rely on fiction. TomD