Townshend Podiums

Hi, I’m using Townshend Podiums for a set of standmount speakers on sand-filled steel stands, on a carpeted floor. 

I’d like to have the speakers further into the room for listening some of the time. The speakers generally sound good where they are, but I enjoy letting them breathe at times. It’s a multi purpose room and the audio improvement doesn’t outweigh the hassle of having them always far into the room.

My question is, if I buy furniture sliders that are appropriately sized, could I slide the speakers into the room on occasion? (I would leave the sliders under the podium feet all the time.)

It’s a cheap try, just wondering if anyone had any experience to share.


Thanks in advance-

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Personally, think it’s a good idea and if I ever feel the need to reposition mine then this is the plan. Nice to see someone has done this already, with success. 

Thank you all for the input!


I’m fine taking the speakers off the stands to slide them and I’m aware that it will require some strength and finesse. 

I’ll let you know how it goes! Thanks again!

I get it being a tricky move, the stands and speakers are 80-90lbs total. Taking the speakers off would drop (no pun intended) 25 or so pounds.

My son is a woodworker and I considered asking him to make me a flat base with a slick finish on the bottom and a handle. I thought it may allow me to move the whole set up with minimal fuss. I fear my audio needs will not be at the top of his list!

@hilde45 I didn’t ask but I was interested in whether these options would lessen the effectiveness of the podiums.

$10 to try it is cheap enough. If it’s too tricky I’ll just leave them be!


Thanks again to all of you who responded!