Townshend Seismic Isolation Podium Platform Review:

Townshend Seismic Isolation Podium Platform Review:

Comparison:  To the Iso- Acoustics Gaia 1’s.

Procedure: I removed my Iso-Acoustics Gaia 1’s that I have had under my Focal Sopra 2’s speakers from their entry into my system to compare the sound with the Townshend Seismic Isolation Podium Platform.

With the 2 Townshend Seismic Isolation Podium Platform size 3 now in place. BTW,  I must add that I placed the order from Townshend in England from the USA on Tuesday, they were shipped on Thursday and I received both of them by Monday. Pretty fast shipping, Oh, if only the USPS could get there act together…

Starting with the bass. = There is definatly more clearly defined bass notes. Defined is my choice word. I listened to familiar tunes with prominent bass notes.  I like to imagine if I can feel a real bass player playing along. That is; with the power and tonality of a live performer. Can you feel the bass pluck?

Midrange. = I hear more hidden clues in the music. I listen for the clarity of the voice and instruments. Live recording’s is usually the best to examine. (See my conclusion below)

Treble. = The highs are extended naturally. Nothing added or taken away. I think the treble sounds more open, cymbals shimmer longer, better? Again, I think so.

Soundstage. = Definitely an improvement in both front/back side to side images. Very happy.


Ok, I admit I am an old time rocker. My favorite group is Creedence Clearwater Revival. On the “Green River” tune (24/192hz download), previously I could sense the rhythm guitar of John’s older brother Tom strumming but could never quite hear it clearly. No wonder he got pissed.

Well today with the Townshend Platforms in place, I can hear the brother clearly strumming along, a little left of center, sort of floating above the speakers. This tells me that I am hearing deeper minute images that were once buried in the mix.

I like the livelier sound on the Led Zeppelin track “Rock & Roll” HD 24/96hz but it always seemed a little anemic, like it should sound more dynamic. Well now with Townshend Platforms in place it does! The drum whacks have more presence. And the cymbals really ride with the music. Most impressive.

The size of the Platforms fit my Focal Sopra 2’s perfectly, almost like they were made for them. Edge to edge in all directions, perfect fit. For smaller rooms the outrigger extensions may be cumbersome but in my open room they look fine.

Nothing negative to report, except maybe the cost. But I also own many Critical Mass footers that are quite impressive and I can’t believe what those little buggers’ cost.

Quite frankly, instead of trying other footers that are perhaps cheaper and sort of a band aid approach that will cause you to keep searchin’ for that missing element, go for the real thing(s) and finally enjoy your system.



I think what is confusing me is that no matter whatever I turn the knobs, the bubble level I am using always shows the speaker is level.

But perhaps that is what it is supposed to show?


@ozzy Bumping this older thread. Similar to OP, I recently replaced the Isoacoustic Gaia II under my Legacy Signature SE with Townshend, and found the same level of improvement. I am using the bars. not the podiums, but I assume they perform similarly. With the Townshend Bars, there was a general increase in clarity and instrument separation, at least partially due to much less bass overhang. Even the midrange is perceived as being more clear. Seems that the Gaias were still transferring too much energy to the floor, whereas the podiums prevent energy transfer. I do have a suspended floor, so perhaps these improvements are more marked in my setup. The podiums, if considered a "tweak", are highly effective and perform as advertised. I’m now looking at Townshend’s isolation platforms, since I have Isoacoustic Oreas and Delos under my current equipment, which may be improved upon. I will start with the turntable to see if the Delos I have is not performing up to par. Question is what do I do with all these Gaias?

Well, I put my Gaia 1’s under my JL F-113 subs. They have similar threads.

And... under components, the Critical Mass CS2M 1.5" are incredible.


Finally installed them under my Usher Mini Two Diamonds. 

Very nice improvement  I have suspended floors. A $1600 improvement! For me, yes.