Townshend Springs under Speakers

I was very interested, especially with all the talk.   I brought the subject up on the Vandersteen forum site, and Richard Vandersteen himself weighed in.   As with everything, nothing is perfect in all circumstances.  If the floor is wobbly, springs can work, if the speaker is on solid ground, 3 spikes is preferred.
@charles1dad not sure if it was this thread or the other Townshend thread, but there was a Wilson speaker owner who found the Podiums a profound improvement over spikes.
I think Wilson would fall into the 'inert cabinet' group, so I think that busts your theory.
Couldn't find the Wilson reference, but this review is with Magico S7s which are at the edge of the art for cabinet construction:
FWIW here is another reference to using the Podiums with Magico speakers:
vac_man13 posts06-29-2021 12:39pmI just recently replaced Isoacoustic Gaias under my Magico A3's with the Townshend Podiums, and I must say, the results have been astonishing. The bass is much tighter, faster and articulate; in contrast -- and I have to admit that I did not really appreciate this before making the change -- the bass was kind of bloated and did not have the degree of control that I now hear. More importantly, though, the mid-range and high frequencies became much more open and detailed, and with that, better imaging and a much improved soundstage. It's as if I just substantially upgraded my speakers. The Townshend Podiums work, and they work extremely well.

That certainty appears to be a contributing factor (Speaker cabinet construction and type of floor/surface they are sitting on). ) Seems what Richard Vandersteen was alluding to given his post testing comments and results in his two seperate rooms. You have to give him credit for actually trying a product with his own speakers.

I already gave him credit… actually it was cash ;)

So I’ll stick with the spikes they came with.
Sound Anchors does apparently make stands for 2Cs as shown in this ad.  
I cannot speak to "most people," but my large monitors each weigh 105 pounds and have the densest cabinets of any speakers I have owned. They are mounted to 70-pound Sound Anchor stands that sit on commercial carpet with a thick/dense foam pad over a concrete slab-on-grade. For years, I used Sound Anchor's own hardened steel spikes and later edenSound's Bear Paws to spike the speaker/stands to the concrete floor. I more recently tried decoupling the speakers from the floor by first using Herbie's dBNeutralizer products (giant fat dots and gliders) and then I tried damped springs.  Even with the dense cabinets, heavy stands, and concrete floor, I like the sound of the decoupled speakers on springs better than how they sounded spiked to the floor.  Not a night and day difference, but I perceive improvements in clarity, tone, decay, and the naturalness of the presentation.