Tracking error or ??

I was listening to my Lyra Kleos last night and on one of the most dynamic records that i own ( and best sounding) an Analogue Production Sonny Rollins Way out West LP; I noticed on the second side, which is very dynamic and has some serious high frequency extension, that there seemed to be a little distortion (or over loading) that i suspect is coming from the cartridge. The Kleos is tracking at the recommended 1.8 grams and my arm is usually pretty immune to miss-tracking ( as it uses a liquid bearing). Anyone else experience the same kind of thing with the Lyra's? I wonder if a higher tracking weight might be the answer, even though Lyra recommends an exact 1.8 grams?? 
Did you have the Kuzma 4 point 9? If so, was it on the LP12?
I had both the 4 Point 9 and the 11 inch 4 Point. I preferred the standard 11 inch. Neither were on the LP12, but a Kuzma Stabi Reference. The Ekos SE was on the LP12. The PU7 was also on the Kuzma, and the PTP Solid 9 which replaced it. The PU7 sounded better than the 4 Point on the Kuzma turntable.

I'm not sure what you mean by "more adjustment" in relation to the PU7. It doesn't have the VTA tower of the 4 Point but every parameter is certainly adjustable and it sounds superb.
It was also be advisable to confirm your recently jack-hammered Way out West LP is OK by tracking that passage with another pickup or two.

I like this idea above from @boothroyd. Do you have any local audio buddies with vinyl rigs that you could play that same passage to see if it mistracks on their set up?

If it’s not an A/S issue, could it possibly just be a bad vinyl pressing? It seems as though you do not have this issue on the majority of your other LP’s.

As a side note.... I have the original Naim ARO on my LP12 and absolutely love it!  I'm happy to see that Naim is resurrecting this great arm.

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@daveyf I just got through listening to the second side of Way Out West with my Lyra Kleos SL and heard no distortion as what you're describing. If the arm and cartridge sounds good with everything else it's very likely just a bad/worn pressing, vinyl is an imperfect medium.
Sometimes we are too quick to replace tonearm, cartridge, etc., work on your settings, something might be a little off and needing a little more attention.  
@scar972   I doubt it is the record. The other records i played that night were all fine, but this LP has more dynamics and modulations in the groove than those. While the record could be damaged now, I don't think it was before I played it that night. It is certainly a record that i have played before in the past, with my prior Benz Ruby 2 with no issues. However, the Lyra requires a far more precise set up than the Benz...and is a lot less forgiving than that cartridge. 
I will try and confirm how the record is with another a'phile friends set up, unfortunately with Covid, there still seems to be some hesitancy to meet others ( not so much from me). We shall see. 
I will report back once I have played some more vinyl, since I have now slightly increased my A/S. Hopefully this is the answer and my LP is fine ( the pressing is an AP limited edition ( awesome sounding LP)--so I do not want to have to replace it!)
Dear @daveyf  : """  I have heard a very small amount of distortion on a few other highly dynamic and highly modulated tracks. Always in the right channel, which would certainly seem to indicate that AS is an issue. """

I own the Kleos and is really good tracker with and with out A/S. Its compliance is almost high compliance at around 18cu-19cu. It rides with out true problem the whole Telarc 1812.

So if the Kleos is in good operation condition specially at the stylus tip and suspension then the problem is else where and could be the tonearm and TT. The LP it's not due that you experienced that trouble in other LPs.

Btw, the Aro is an unipivot and not a good tonearm for any cartridge. Please read again what mijos posted. 
Now, if you are in love with this Naim is up to you.