Tracking Force for Denon DL-103r

I recently received my Denon DL-103r from Japan and the lit is of course in Japanese. Get anyone help with the recommended settings for the tracking force, and other specs.? It is mounted on a Audioquest PT-6.
Also note that if you're using a Shure stylus force tracking gauge that everyone I've tested is about .3 grams optimistic, meaning that when you think you've dialed in 2.5 grams, you are in fact tracking much closer to 2.2 grams.

Thom @ Galibier
I think this setting is critical for the 103R. If it is not set optimally, then it will sound like you're listening through a curtain. You will still get the great balance and timing that the 103R delivers, but not the considerable clarity, openness and focus that it can provide. This cartridge has a broad, deep and open soundstage with good perspectives of individual instruments - when set up right.
I just checked my 103R and it's currently set at 2.15g (this accuracy may be suspect, since I'm using the Shure balance, but that's as near as I can determine with it's scale). I suggest you set the VTF to 2g and start working up in small increments until clarity and focus is optimal. It appears to me like the 'sweet spot' in the magnetic gap is rather small - careful azimuth setting (if you have it) also yields dividends (as do antiskate and arm damping).
It's quite possible that the exact 'sweet spot' varies from cartridge to cartridge. Your ears are the best judge, but rest assured VTF does make a substantial difference with this cartridge.
What do you think the most accurate & easiest to use Tracking force gauge is.
The SFG-2 runs about 0.3g high eh? Maybe I'll have to buy some calibrated weight to try on mine. Any ideas where I can buy a 1 or 2 gram certified weight?

I agree it can't be the most accurate gauge, but I assume it gets you in the ball park, from there I use my ears to dial things in. But I'm a numbers guy and would like to quantify things when possible.

The cost of the digital gauges (as most things in the high end) are hard to swallow given the frequency I would use one.