Tracking Force for Denon DL-103r

I recently received my Denon DL-103r from Japan and the lit is of course in Japanese. Get anyone help with the recommended settings for the tracking force, and other specs.? It is mounted on a Audioquest PT-6.
What do you think the most accurate & easiest to use Tracking force gauge is.
The SFG-2 runs about 0.3g high eh? Maybe I'll have to buy some calibrated weight to try on mine. Any ideas where I can buy a 1 or 2 gram certified weight?

I agree it can't be the most accurate gauge, but I assume it gets you in the ball park, from there I use my ears to dial things in. But I'm a numbers guy and would like to quantify things when possible.

The cost of the digital gauges (as most things in the high end) are hard to swallow given the frequency I would use one.
Actually digital scales with 0.01g (claimed) accuracy are getting pretty cheap. I just bought one off ebay (new) for A$45, complete with 50g calibration weight.
It should get here sometime next week and I'll be able to check the accuracy of the Shure.

I also found this scale specifically made for VTF measurement, it's still nearly 3 times the price but not really outrageously expensive:
I agree with the note on placing no more than 2.3 gms to the Denon, and i took me more then 75-100 hours for full break-in.

Should it be the extra copper on the r?, I donĀ“t know.


DL103R runs best at the higher end of the tracking force range, and 2.75g has always sounded best in my system.