Tracking Force for Denon DL-103r

I recently received my Denon DL-103r from Japan and the lit is of course in Japanese. Get anyone help with the recommended settings for the tracking force, and other specs.? It is mounted on a Audioquest PT-6.
I agree with the note on placing no more than 2.3 gms to the Denon, and i took me more then 75-100 hours for full break-in.

Should it be the extra copper on the r?, I donĀ“t know.


DL103R runs best at the higher end of the tracking force range, and 2.75g has always sounded best in my system.
Well, in my system, the best sound has well and truly left the building waaaay before 2.75g or even 2.5g.
Out of curiousity, what arm are you using?
I use the Origin Live Silver Mk1 on a Teres Model 245.

I wrote a review of this cartridge for the Audiogon review section back in 2002. Perhaps you've seen it there.
Nope, I haven't read the review, but I will.

Your high VTF setting is completely at odds with what I hear in my system - perhaps this is arm dependent??
I've actually got my 103R backed off to under 2.1g now (by the Shure's reading), which is how I had been using it for many months prior to some very recent tweaking.
VTF at <2.1g sounds better than the slightly higher setting I was using above - more open and present, more 3D soundstage with better delineation of recorded layers, instruments placed more solidly and with greater transparency at the rear of the stage, better ambiance recovery etc.

This cartridge has plenty of audiophile thrills when it's dialled in........but in the area of pacing, musical communication and sheer fun factor - I consider it a perfect '10'. Though I have limited experience (none with the very expensive designs) I can't imagine how it can be beaten in these later regards.
In these most important factors it kills my Crown Jewel (aka Shelter 501).....kills!! and then stomps and dances on it's grave.
BTW, the Crown Jewel is a cartridge I've owned and loved for more than 3 years, and my favorite cartridge prior to the 103R.