Tracking Force for Denon DL-103r

I recently received my Denon DL-103r from Japan and the lit is of course in Japanese. Get anyone help with the recommended settings for the tracking force, and other specs.? It is mounted on a Audioquest PT-6.
Completely agree that the 'right' tracking force will probably vary from cartridge to cartridge. Arm setup, temperature etc will all have some influence. Even so, there is a pretty big difference between my setting of 2.1g and the 2.75g used by Twl.
Perhaps when I get my digital scales in a few days I'll discover that my Shure balance is reading significantly 'light' - but who knows. The key point is that this cartridge requires experimentation with VTF to extract its considerable best.
I bought my 103R from Audiocubes in Japan for $250 + $6 shipping to Australia. One of Audio's true bargain buys IMO.
I also suspect that there could be a difference in Shure VTF scales. I think that within the same scale they are pretty consistant, but from scale to scale could be a different story altogether.

Very good to hear from TWL! I'm sure I speak for many in saying we'd like to hear more from you, Tom.
Thank you Dan.
I'll be trying to be as helpful as I can with my posting.
I'm glad to be back.
An update on my VTF with the Denon 103R.
I received my digital scale (50x0.01g) and have checked against the Shure SFG-2.
Not even close!!
Basically the Shure appears to be reading at least 0.3g too light! This actually puts me up close to Denon's recommended tracking weight. I actually measured 2.35g with antiskating applied and 2.43 with antiskating defeated (interesting).
I have posted some pics of this over at Audio Asylum: