Tracy Nelson?

Recently got a recording of Willie Nelson doing a duet of "After the Fire is Gone" with Tracy Nelson, and was transfixed by Tracy's voice.

Immediately purchased her "10 by" collection on Rounder, and was seriously underwhelmed. The signing just didn't have the same urgency.

any suggestion for TNrecording where the fire is there?


I would try to get Living With The Animals by Mother Earth.Michael Bloomfield contributes,Tracy is on Fire on Memphis Slim's Mother Earth,she covers Irma Thomas ( no mean feat ).Definetly a more 60s outing than the Fantasy LP you mention.The 3rd LP "Mother Earth presents Tracy Nelson Country" was recorded after a re-location to Tennessee from Berkeley.It features Scotty Moore on Guitar ( Sun Records bandmate of Elvis Presley ).A rockin' country outing that would likely work for you.Myself anything she chooses to sing is fine by me.When the Living With The Animals LP was released you could go into The Berkeley Food Co-Op and Tracy was still working as a check out person.For me Tracy is one of the all time great voices.
Country is very good and I would also recommend "victim of the Blues"

Tracy is currently a member of the Blues Broads and they have a release out. I've seen them live and they put on a great show