Anyone have an odd or extraordinary trade story regarding an audio item? Interested to hear any stories of trade from fellow Audiogoners.
One of my best experiences was a trade made with Bill whom I met here on Audiogon. He lives a bit less than 2 hours from me here in NJ. We have traded, listened, and visited LP stores together since meeting.

I re-worked my office focusing on the sound system, and to add a Turntable here. TT to fit on top of a 3 shelf high bookcase, I began with a Technics SL-J33

Then, I saw the Technics Vertical TT, SL-V5

oh boy, that would look great standing next to my Teac X2000R (to be used vertically for the first time), finally use it’s Mickey Mouse Dust Cover

Close to buying the Technics one, seller in Canada would not ship to USA, I asked for help here, it didn’t work out.

Bill writes, says he has a pair of non-working Mitsubishi Vertical TT’s as a project, the LT-5V.

Did I have anything for trade? As it happened, I had a Fidelity Research Tonearm he wanted, and I gave him a choice, Fisher 500C Tube Receiver, or Fisher 800C (same but also has AM). He never had an AM tuner, thus chose the 800. Original, working, no wood case. I tested the tubes, gave him a few spares, a few spare knobs, off he went happy.

I easily restored one of the 2 TT’s, it looks cool and is a very good design, amazing. The other: mice had eaten the wires within, it has a lot of spare mechanical parts, motors.

And, I got the Technics compact turntable (12-1/2" square) working in the garage now.

I’m glad I joined Audiogon for many reasons, glad I met Bill personally, and glad the A Hole in Canada didn’t sell me his Technics Vertical TT, I think the Mitsubishi is more substantial.

I have a trade that was interesting to me - perhaps you will find it interesting too.

Over the last few years, I added digital and upgraded my integrated amp by first purchasing a preamp then an amp.

During this process, I mentioned to my dealer how much I enjoyed my speakers but lusted after Sonus faber Olympica Novas...just wasn't ready to put that much money into speakers (I was thinking about the Nova III for about $13k or so.  I purchased the Sonetto Vs

Late last year I upgraded my turntable as part of my plan and the dealer asked me if I'd be interested in a set of used Olympica Nova Vs.  I said yes I would.  He told me great, I have a client who's wife insisted he get rid of his Maggies and he bought the Sonus fabers but was still missing his Maggies.  So he was in the process of moving and wanted to but a new set of Maggies and would be trading in the Olympica Nova Vs.

Let's just say I was able to trade in my Sonetto Vs for the Nova Vs and the total expenditure for the original purchase and the upgrade costs were less than if I bought the Nova IIIs.  And for my audio dealer he has two happy customers.

I find this interesting because I have listened to Maggies and I am a former field artillery guy so I tend to turn up the volume and consequently have been discouraged from buying Maggies by friends who have them and the dealer that knows my musical tastes.  So different equipment suits different listeners and I think that's what's cool about audio and music in general.

Enjoy the music!