Transimpedance has too much gain?

I’m running an AT33PTG/II through an Andover Spinstage. Overall it sounds amazing but there definitely an emphasis on the 1khz region that makes some records hard to listen to. Its louder than the 20/20 and I have been swapping out parts to find the cause.

could the phonostage be adding too much gain?


I have been using a transimpedance stage for almost a year. Too much gain is not a characteristic I have encountered. If anything I would not mind even more. "Hard to listen to" usually occurs in the 3 to 4 kHz region where sibilance is a problem.

Thanks @mijostyn  it’s definitely in the 1k - 2k region. The Sutherland 20/20 doesn’t have this forwardness and after going through everything I can only think maybe the gain is off or a cart mismatch.



The Andover Spinstage is about 71 dB of gain if I am remembering correctly and that is more than most MC Phono Preamps.  But I don't hear any tonal emphasis on mine.  It just sounds much much better than it should for the price.  But you might find a benefit from using a linear power supply rather than the wall wart they supply.  I felt it sounded a bit smoother and perhaps less dynamic with a linear power supply and I'm guessing you would find that more pleasing.  Of course even a cheap linear power supply will set you back about half the cost of the Spinstage.

But how do you think it compares to the Sutherland 20/20 in general?  It is nearly a 10x difference in price.