Transimpedance has too much gain?

I’m running an AT33PTG/II through an Andover Spinstage. Overall it sounds amazing but there definitely an emphasis on the 1khz region that makes some records hard to listen to. Its louder than the 20/20 and I have been swapping out parts to find the cause.

could the phonostage be adding too much gain?


pinwa, Any tonearm can be easily adapted to provide balanced output from the cartridge, because nearly all cartridges in common use are naturally a balanced source.  We use them in single-ended mode most often, but that is just because we ground one side of the output in order to use the RCA inputs on a typical single-ended phono stage. And of course, the turntable is an innocent bystander, when it comes to the signal output.  It's all about how the tonearm wires are terminated.


I said Ideally. Output levels are still in play. The Spinplay has an input impedance "effectively Zero ohms" 

I have a Channel D Seta L Plus and am very pleased with it. The coolest thing though is recording records with Channel D's Pure Vinyl program. The Channel D units all have pass through outputs, outputs without RIAA correction which is then done by the computer. It is like taking your photos in Raw format. I get to raid all my friend's record collections! Recorded in 192/24 digital you can not tell the difference between the recording and the original unless I kick in the pop and tic removal tool. This one really works. It removes the pop and fills in with the preceding 10th of a millisecond of music. 


The only turntables that use a single wire ground are the Regas. Otherwise, all you have to do is is remove the RCAs and solder on XLRs leaving pin 1 blank. Pin #2 is positive and #3 is negative. Channel D will also sell you RCA to XLR adapters. I do not like any unnecessary contacts in the way of the cartridge, but if you do not have a soldering iron this is a viable option. 

@mijostyn @lewm Thanks for that info on converting a tonearm to balanced.  I also discovered VPI sells a somewhat overpriced junction box that you can use to replace the RCA box on their turntables.