Transparent cables Recalibration prices out of this world

If you are not the original owner, prepared your wallet because depending on the model do you have it they charge up to $1,200.00 plus shipping cost both ways just to be recalibrated. I understand they have to charge it but boy  $1.200.00 it's insane.
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Would there be some sort of objective measure that would indicate that these things are destabilizing my amplifier? (Bryston 3B-NRB.) I know there's sarcasm in some of your replies, but $20k speaker cables requiring periodic $1,200 recalibration is nonsense (to me), making it difficult to tell when you’re being sarcastic. If these "networks" can fry an amp, I’ll buy something else.
There seems to be some misunderstanding about the purpose of Transparent’s cable recalibration.  There is no need for periodic recalibration.  The purpose of the calibration or recalibration is to match the output impedance of your amplifier.  So the only time you need to recalibrate is if you are changing amps and the new amp’s output impedance is significantly different.  For the Reference cables there are two versions, one for high output impedance and one for low output impedance.  There is no cost for this if you are the original owner.  As far as potential damage to your amps, I have never heard of that.
@mikemeeks, thank you for clarifying this. I would assume a Bryston amp paired with B&W 804 speakers isn’t exotic enough for this to mean my Transparent speaker cables need anything special. However, I may need an aluminum foil hat. It’s supposed to be better than one made from tin.
Used most all of the cables mentioned here...MIT REV series from Joe Abrams actually does what they are supposed to do...huge holographic soundstage with tremendous detail and dynamics plus lifelike tone and textures from instruments!  Free 30 day will not return them.