Transparent , Kubala , Luminous , or RS Poiema

Hi everyone. I am looking to potentially recable my whole system and would love to hear your thoughts on the following cables for interconnects, speaker wire, and digital cables...

Ridge Street Audio Poiema!!

My current gear is the following...
Ayre V-3 amp
Krell Showcase Pre/Pro
Vandersteen 2Ce Signatures and VCC-1 Center Channel
Cardas Golden Cross I/C and Digital Lightning 15
Alpha Core MI 2 Speaker Cable

I have heard the Transparent Ultra and Premium digital cable and think they are quite good, but they are very expensive and I have seen glowing reviews on the other cables as well. I am prepared to pay if necessary, but would prefer not to if I can find something comparable at a cheaper price. I know that cables are person and/or system specific and am going to try to audition each, but wanted to hear other thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of each. Please advise...
Does your daughter still approve of the Krell cast? Better check with her before you make the change.
As a matter of fact she was correct on the 505 to 202 connection..cast is far superior! On the amp end is where I made the call and am using MIT Oracle wasn't even close. In fact, before the music started playing on my Bernstein/Schuman disc, I could here more of a sense of the hall and the live audience..tension was in the silence. Don't even think for a moment that your lame attempt at sarcasm makes up for your shallow wit. What sort of music and poor probable picnic player do you favor? By the way, I've owned or had on loan more cables than most of the audiofeils posting here. My pursuit of the absolute has taken many paths, comparable only to those reviewers we all read on a monthly basis. If my self effacing nature has eluded you, be sure my fellow auio officianado, I am more discriminating than most can afford to be. Good day:)

Bottom line, cast on the new evo front end works. Cast on the back end does not. Insert your favorite cable where you will. Of course you need a great pair of speakers, proper setup, power cords and music that can allow one to here improvements.
Not much here about Luminous Audio cables even though it was in the original query of 2005. I have owned thier Synchestra Reference for a few years now and think it a fantastic, well balanced, and transparent performer. That said, I have not made any comparisons since then. These replaced Kimber KCAG's for me back then.
I have Transparent Reference XL in my system and I am very happy. IC and Speaker wires. McIntosh epuipment. It sounds so sweet I don't think I would ever change a thing, unless I could upgrade to the Opus line