Transparent or Nordost?

I currently have all Transparent Ultra MM2, but I am thinking of trying out some other cables. Has anyone compared Transparent to Nordost? Specifically Red Dawn LS?
System is listed.

These are pretty different cables. Not saying one is better or worse. I use Transparent, I can tell you moving up their line is a big deal. Significant improvements that you can hear.

You need to stick with the MM2 versions like you have...but try a reference or reference XL on your source to pre as a start...
Another vote for Transparent, I had the Reference then moved up to the Ref XL MM@ and yep, nice improvement!
No Money - I like Nordost and own the Frey's. There is only 1 dealer near me that has Transparent and MIT and I did not care for them at all. Both seemed to lack dynamics. But that's my opinion.

That being said I had a Nordost demo case (when I bought the Frey's) and to me the red dawns were bright (not harsh) in my system and lacked bass. Nothing terrible but the Heimdall on up is soooo much better. Also Nordost just announced the new series 2 for the Norse line. Baldurs have been dropped but they added Tyr's. My Nordost dealer should be getting his demo case soon so I can try the series 2 in my system.
I would love to try the Transparent Ref stuff. I know each level gets better, I started years ago with "the link"... Unfortunately though, upgrading the Ulra mm2 balanced link alone is a few grand...
Just re-read the post and I was comparing the original Red Dawns not the Leif Series.