Transport For Use w/ MF Trivista 21

Just picked up this dac, and currently have at my disposal both a Pioneer Elite DV45a and a modded Sony DVP-NS500v universal player. Also got a Stereovox DV2 dig cable, which seems to be widely praised as a great value in my price range.

So, my question is are these reasonably good matches as transport for the TriVista, and to get significant improvement over them, what would I need to move up to? Is there a "giant killer" transport that isn't a computer?

My guess is that in a few years, I'll probably reluctantly move to a server as transport, but I am reluctant to invite Bill Gates or Steve Jobs into my listening room.

Just to put it all in perspective, vinyl is my current strong preference and about 90% of my listening is usually LP. Thanks for your opinions,
I use a Meridian 200. Look at Sam Tellig's conversation with Anthony Michaelson , Musical Fidelity's owner, in Stereophile. He told Sam the transport was not critical with the 21 and about anything would do.
I have used a Trivista 21 in my system for some 4 years now. I initially used a Esoteric P700 transport which has been upgraded with replacement Trichord Research digital output board plus replacement master clock with power supply. This combination is surprisingly good and has been compared with friends quite favourably to a Krell MD1 transport; with the modded Esoteric mainly lacking in the bottom end against the Krell's traditional area of strength.

Then later, I got a Modwright Sony 999ES, and found that the Sony 999 to be, as TVAD noted, surprisingly good in that it clearly outperformed the Esoteric, especially in the bass area where the latter was weak. Its was a long time ago but from memory, I would say the 999 is at least the equal of, if not better than the Krell MD1, working into the Trivista.

And with respect to Stanwal's comment, my experience indicate that Anthony Michaelson's comment that the transport does not matter, to be more salemen's chat than an accurate statement. It does.

Lastly, the Trivista 21 really is a very good DAC. When I got the Modwright, I fully expected to be able to sell the Trivista, based on most opinions from Audiogon on this point. Well, surprise, I found that I could not bring myself to sell it; it has its own set of strengths that made me kept both in my system in the end. The latter comprises Aesthetix Calypso pre-amp; Krell FPB300c power driving Von Schweikert VR4jr speakers. System works off a Hydra 8, and cables are predominantky VH Audio with Black Sand Silver Ref. & Pure Note Paragon power cables.

Hope this helps.
Solentgreen, what have you learned regarding power cables on the Trivista 21?

Everyone, so other than trial and error, any advice on how to decide if a certain transport is likely to be an improvement or not?

One potential candidate is the Alesis 9600, due to all the other tremendous functionality it brings. I've heard modded ones sound great, but I don't know if the mods affect mainly the transport or the dac side. Cheers,

Re power cables for the Trivista 21, I have used VH Audio Flavour 4; Pure Note Paragon; Black Sand Silver Reference V and the Lessloss. The VH, good as it is, is a bi out-classed in this company. Of the rest, I ended up chosing between the Paragon & Silver Ref. In the end, I chose the Silver Ref. The Paragon was very quiet, very airy, excellent clarity and "delicacy", but the Silver Ref gave better dynamics while not losing out too much in the other areas.

One last point re transports for the 21, I have also tried a older Pioneer DV909 multi-disc player. It loses out to the Esoteric and especially the Modwright Sony 999 used as a transport.
When I bought my Lector Digidrive, my whole system was transformed. In combination with my TriVista DAC my sound became whole and balanced. I also was using a Sony Modwright, which had previously dispensed with all comers, but the Lector unleashed the rich tonal character that the TriVista is capable of. Previously the MF Dac was somewhat dry, but the 0 and 1s delievered by the Lector were significantly better than the Oppo or the Meridian or the Sony I had used. I don't know why, technically there shouldn't be that much of a difference. Currently I use an Audioquest Eagle Eye digital cable that just beat out a really old Stealth cable.