Transport recommendation for EAD DSP7000

I am having my EAD DSP7000 upgraded massively my Boelen Electronics. New rectifiers, Black Gate caps, new wiring, Vishay resistors, additional PS improvments. I've been using the transport end of an old Proceed CD player, remember the one that looked like a cube about 8 inches per side? I've been happy, but with the D/A mod I've got the itch to get a new transport. I've been very happy with the overall sound, so what I'm looking for is not so much a change in basic sonic charcater; I just want it to be better. Better soundstaging, more clarity, a better feeling of extension at the top and bottom, blacker blacks. My old setup did all of these things pretty well, I just want better. I'm not looking for a change to a "warmer" or "cooler" or "more detailed" or "more tubey" sound. Not looking to spend a fortune, though. Willing to buy used.
Since I am dealer I will be considered biased if I post brands ,so email me privately.I will tell you what I use with my DSP 9000MKIII
Not quite sure yet, El. I won't be sending my 7000 in until maybe next week or the week after. I am in the process of emailing details back and forth with Greg over at Boelen. I should have said I "will be" having it upgraded. Sorry. Once I have it all worked wout I'll let you know.
had the proceed transport also the ead 700 transport easily bettered the proceed in all parameters if I recollect correctly