Transport Recommendations

Hi All: I am looking for recommendations for a CD transport under 2K. I prefer new. and am considering ProJect, Audiolab, Schitt, and Primare - your thoughts? Any brands I may be missing? Thanks!


Soix hit the jackpot!

Depends how you look at it.  What is this unit, a year or two old?  Yet the ad says:

cosmetic wear including two small nicks on the left edge of the faceplate, and a few faint scuffs on the left side of the chassis. 

Who would treat a practically new unit this way?

But more than that, TMR wants $2044 when shipping costs are included and a 3-month warranty versus buying a brand new one with a 12-month warranty for $2498.  I don't know about you, but I am willing to shell out the extra $454 for a brand-new unit with better warranty.  Same goes if TMR accepted an offer to sell for $100 less.  

I'll second @parker65310.  I have the Audiolab.  Sounds, works, and looks great!  Very inexpensive for what it is.

I have   a Project RS2T in my more expensive system, sounds Fabulous. There have been issues with them, see audiogon forum. I have returned 2 and have been successful with my 3rd. It has the stream unlimited cd mechanism CD pro 8 and the blue tiger cd-84 servo system. The others that have it are over 10K.

I also have a second system, which uses a Audiolab 6000CDT with a very good DAC and sounds Great. There is a considerable difference though, clarity and dynamics especially! However, until Project gets all the bugs out I would be suspect in purchasing one at this time. If they do, its a clear winner, bar none!! Ps the 6000 CDT is a very good machine. I might even consider the jay model too, very good reviews. Robert

+5 for the AudioLab 6000CDT. Brilliant simple unit. Designed as a transport only. Excellent power supply. Sound is clean and immediate. I have not had a single CD that would not play in it regardless of condition or origin. I can't see why you would need to spend $2000 when this is like $500 used. The newer model incorporates a tray instead of a slot loader if that is a worry for you (hasn't been for me).

@vinylvalet i have the Shanling on order; will report back after I get it later this week. Seems to check all the boxes for $750. I had the Audiolab previously and liked it- sold it as I was concerned about the talk of the slot loading potentially scratching CDs… unfortunately I don’t have it now to try side by side - been using a cheap DVD player in the interim …(expected  @jasonbourne52 to weigh in on that by now!)