Transport Recommendations

Hi All: I am looking for recommendations for a CD transport under 2K. I prefer new. and am considering ProJect, Audiolab, Schitt, and Primare - your thoughts? Any brands I may be missing? Thanks!


I gave my friend this OPPO bdp-83

he used it for years and years as a transport



always verify they can find the SACd layer, that means the laser is not too weak.

The best I have tried with all listed and some more. PS Audio Wave SACD transport ( newest) reads CD loads to file and plays off file. That eliminates jitter and the like. Sounds very close or better or as good as best streamer/server. 

I also have the AudioLab 6000CDT and when they came out with the AudioLab 9000CDT with the tray, I was disappointed it did not have the I2S connection or I would have upgraded to that transport.


One more thing to consider, the Jays CDT2 MKIII includes and native HDMI I2S output