Transport Recommendations

Hi All: I am looking for recommendations for a CD transport under 2K. I prefer new. and am considering ProJect, Audiolab, Schitt, and Primare - your thoughts? Any brands I may be missing? Thanks!


I have 2 systems in my home, and have the Audiolab 9000CDT on both. I upgraded from the 6000CDT and was amazed at the improvement.

+1 for the Jay's Audio CDT2-MK III...  It's above your price point new however used it's probably in your price range.  Built like a tank and terrific sonics.  I have one and love it !  

Want to save $1900??  Try this: an used Pioneer DV-578A player used as a transport.  In my case it feeds a bel canto e.One series DAC3 from its 24/96 digital output.  Has the same bass solidarity as the transport in the much more expensive Pioneer transports, and wipes every other CD player or transport I've tried with the DAC3.  Sound of my combo is side-by-side equivalent as the Oppo 205 player.....and I have no doubt that a newer/better DAC would make the combo superior.


Took an interest in this thread to the point where I'm itching to try out the Shanling ET3 (but I wont') and I read some reviews on a site where the owners say they preferred the Shanling to the Jay's CDT-2 Mk3 and the Project CDT (they didn't mention which one though). Just some more food for thought.

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The Jay’s transport is already gone. I looked at getting it for me and decided to get a better streamer transport instead.