transport recommendations

I am looking to buy a separate transport for the first time, preferably used. I need one that will play cd-r's, both 74 and 80 minutes as well as commercial cds, DVD is an option but not essential. Will use it to feed Kora Hermes DAC and Acurus surround processor/pre-amp and Krell KAV 2 channel amp. Any suggestions appreciated, range of $800-$1200 preferred.
DVD players outperform most CD transports. A modded DVD transport makes one of the best sources available, like a Sony DVP-S9000es or a DVP-S7700.
thanks for your input. The only modifier I know of for transports is Dan Wright(modwright), He suggested a Pioneer unit that would play cd-r's of which I have many. It only has one coax digital out so I couldn't use it as a dvd and cd tranport (because the optical inputs on my preamp don't work)Do you think it's still worth the investment in a unit like this even though I would be only using it as a cd transport? (The entire cost would still be on the low end of most used cd only transports) It's just that I don't like the idea of paying for all the dvd audio and video processing that I would never use.


Most of the 7 pound dvd players out there are crap and should not be used for quality audio performance. Even some of the $1,000.00+ dvd players can be beaten by a good old CD player with a good Philips transport in it.
Plus, the old CD players initialize (read) the CDs a lot faster, 'cause they're only looking for two channel CD content. DVD and multi-players take FOR-Frickin'-EVER to read a CD because they're looking to make sure you haven't plugged in a DVD, DVD-A, DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, SACD two channel, SACD multi-channel, etc. etc.!!!!!! >:-(
It's kinda tough to justify spending money on a dedicated transport when your DVD player costs $2K. However, I do want to get the most out of my new DAC (Tri-Vista 21) so I've been looking around. What I've found is new transports are cost prohibitive, and used ones, from names that are known to make quality components, are usually in the 3-5 year old range, and I worry about transport wear and tear at that age.