Transport--Used PS Audio PerfectWave or New Teac VRDS 701T????

Has anyone compared these options for a CD transport? They are within a few hundred dollars of each other(used PS Audio and new Teac VRDS). I like new for mechanical devices, but used 2022 PS Audio units are available. SACD is nice but I don't own any. Teac has step down tech from i't sister company Esoteric, but I don't know anything about the PerfectWave transport. I want the transport to play my current CDs as I am mainly a streamer. Please comment if you have an informed opinion on either. Thanks!!


New is new, but that aside I would choose the Ps Audio for several reasons.

I have many of their components and they have excellent customer service and their products sound amazing.

I would never by another TEAC product because about 6 months ago I purchased a brand-new TEAC CD player that would not read CD’s after just a few months of use. After hours making phone calls and being given the runaround, I was finally given a number to contact. The number was for an independent repair shop that services TEAC products under warranty in my region of the US. I was told that TEAC does not handle warranty issues themselves (at the factory). I shipped the unit to the repair shop. "Weeks" later, I received it back. It still didn’t work. I contacted the shop. The shop said that the CD mechanism is fragile and that it was likely over-vibrated during handling. I have purchased and have had countless CD players shipped to me since they first came out in the early 80’s and have moved all over the world shipping audio gear during my numerous moves with absolutely no such problem. I knew by then that his excuse was BS. I sent the CD player back for a second time. I received it back after "several" more weeks for the second time and it still did not work. By then I had had enough. I was not about to waste another minute of my time with TEAC, except for the minute that it took me to throw the CD player in the garbage.  They made my permanent "do not buy list", together with Schiit Audio.

So, there’s my advice to you. Good luck.

I would not buy a PS Audio or any used transport unless there are replacement transports available. I know PSA used to use an OPPO drive which is no longer made. If they are, I would ask PSA if they will sell you one as a spare. 

I have read that PS Audio uses a D and M drive. Once I reserched it, I found it is a Dennon and Marantz "D & M" drive. I don't find in the reviews that the D and M drive is better than the Teac/Esoteric VRDS system. It is interesting that Teac believes that their drives are a competitive advantage and therefore have stopped selling them to other OEMs. I would think Teac would be in a great position to offer support, but the comments above about their poor support are concerning. Any other Goners have experience?

For what it's worth, as well as PS Audio, I have 2 home Marantz CD players and 3 Marantz Professional CD players, and they have performed flawlessly for many years. Sounds like many, but I have several systems in 6 different rooms.

@wokeuptobose TEAC is still selling/providing CD drives to many other audio manufactures such as Innuos, BelCanto, and others.