Travel system?

Anyone else miss good music when they travel?  We travel quite a bit, and I'm always looking forward to getting home to listen to my system - especially after a couple of days  of streaming low-res to a hotel or airbnb's alarm clock "stereo".

I was thinking about putting together a simple, small travel system.   What I'm leaning towards:

Kef LSX Speakers
Cambridge Audio Minx X201 Sub
Chromecast Audio

I could put this all in a custom pelican-type case and check it in for flights.  Should be the size of a roller-bag or smaller.  A few of the pelican cases have roller wheels on them.  There possibly would be room for cables and maybe some small iso-acoustic stands.

Anyone try this?  Any experiences checking in such a system on a flight?   If so, would be great to hear what you put together, and if it was worth the effort.  I like relaxing on vacation - would be even better if I had some decent tunes.

I use an iPhone with about 200 GB of ALAC music. Also stream Tidal, or Qobuz  in high resolution along with an iFi micro iDSD Black Label DAC.  My earbuds are Phonak Audeo. The earbuds are very comfortable and sound outrageous, but unfortunately are no longer made. I prefer them when compared with my expensive Shure earbuds.

If I travel by car I may also take my Audeze LCD-4 Headphones.

These systems supply top quality music for me when I am traveling.