Traveler Vs TT15s1 vs?

Hi all...looking to upgrade from my Music Hall MMF. The VPI Traveler looks interesting, esp with a 10 inch arm. There are still no real reviews however. Does anyone have one or heard one? Any opinions on how it stacks up to the Marantz 15s1? Any others I should think about..Clearaudio, etc? I think you get the idea of the $ I'm looking to spend.
The cartridge is a Denon 301 MKII. Thanks.
Traveler on the way to "upgrade" my Music Hall, stay tuned...Disclaimer: I'm a VPI fan.
Looking forward to your thoughts Stevecham.
FJN...the Well Tempered looks interesting. DO you have it?
Secretguy- I have the Amadeus, which retails at around $2700. I believe the Simplex is around $1500 or $1600. As you may have figured, I am quite happy with my Amadeus. I think the Simplex would be worth your exploring.
Secret guy, the Marantz is a good deal for the cartridge if you are a MM fan. But overall it's a lot of plastic and acrylic. It generated a TON of static especially in winter. And it gave a lot of feedback. Granted I was a newbie when I got it and have learned a lot since. It was an ok starter table but I upgraded quickly. Vinyl is great and I am committed now but was on the fence when i bought the tt15 My advice is to spend on the table and cartridge but also on the phono stage if you know you are committed to vinyl. I also am a fan of vpi. I like that they are made in America and they stand behind their products. I haven't seen or heard the traveler but for the money it looks a lot more solid than the marantz. Good luck!