TRAVELING TO JAPAN! Recommendations for shops for cartridges?

Hi all,


I'll be traveling somewhat unexpectedly to Japan this week. I will be spending a couple days in both Kyoto and Tokyo. 


I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for shops I should stop into? Record Stores? 

Specifically i'm seeking a new cartridge under $1500 along with records and cds.

I'm good with both new and vintage cartridges that would pair with with a VPI Prime Scout. 

As for what kind of sound I'm looking for from my cart, I've only ever run the Ortofon 2m Bronze and Black on the VPI, both of which I've liked. Between them I prefer the detail, space and speed from the black over the warmer rounded edges of the bronze...but it could be fun to get two carts with different sound signatures. I'm all ears!

Thank in advance!




Look for DS Audio optical cartridges. I have the entry level DS E1. FANTASTIC.

dave, I went into the BIC that is near Yodibashi in Akihabara.  I made a quick tour of every floor, but the emphasis is on "quick"; I might have missed something, but I saw no evidence that they were selling the TOTL gear of any well known manufacturer.  Which is to say they might have been selling Luxman products, but not the TOTL ones.  Whereas, you can walk into Yodi and buy a TOTL Luxman preamplifier right off the shelf.  I was specifically looking for a Viv Float tonearm; Yodi sells Viv, but they were out of stock and did not expect any product for two months.  I never visited any other BIC store, and I certainly yield to your personal experience if yours differs from mine.  Good to know Dynamic Audio still exists.  Ten years ago, I bought a Koetsu Urushi from Sound110; they seem to be kaput as of May.  They were alive and well prior to the pandemic.  I am fearful that the Japanese high end businesses are having a bit of a struggle, just as many of our brick and mortar stores had 10-20 years ago, before going under.

@lewm all good man, you are right the one on akihabara is not that good I visit that too but the one I recommend is on Yurakucho, that one is very centric very close to Gynza. I bought so many good things there and a lot that I could not buy because the power is 100 V 

@sammyshaps I just listen digital I am not into vinyl but I am sure you can find anything in Tokyo from what I saw. 

100V is no problem at all. You just use a 120V to 100V step down transformer. Those are cheap on eBay. I’ve got 2 turntables running off 100 V here in my listening room. Step down costs ~$50 each. I’ll keep in mind the other BIC for next visit. Thanks for that and Dynamic Audio too.