Treble of Vienna Acoustics Haydn Grand?

Id love to purchase these speakers, but I have heard that
the top end is a bit soft and not very dynamic. Any folks
here own these speakers and have thoughts?
I don't own the Haydn Grand, but I own the Beethoven Baby Grands and I've heard the Haydn fairly extensively, but not in my system.

The character of the top ends of these two speakers is very close, IMHO, which is not soft and lacking dynamics. VA speakers like a good bit of power and high damping factors from the amps. With Bryston, Conrad Johnson, Primare and Rowland, for example, they work very well. The yield a smooth, detailed, transparent and highly articulate top end. They're not "etched", just musical.

That may be why I found the Haydn to be soft and having restricted dynamics. It actually lulled me to sleep. However, I was using two different tube amps so that may have been at least part of the problem.
They need to be raked back a little, say 10-15 degrees. The non-floor standers need a stand that gets the tweeters around 36-40" off the floor.

As Dave suggested, Vienna speakers come to life when driven stoutly by amps with high damping factors. When paired with the right amp they are in fact very dynamic whith extended but seldom tizzy highs, musical mids and extended bass. Viennas benefit from a methodical/careful placement to optimize response, particularly in the bass region.
What kind of music do you enjoy, and what optimum sound are you trying to achieve?