Tri Planar set up idea.

First can any one help me with a nagging problem. I lift up the arm on my Tri with the lift mechanism and after a second or two it starts to fall down. A second quick lift back up keeps it in the up position. Doesn't do it every time but often enough to be annoying and it may be getting worse. Any adjustment for that?

OK, the big idea. I bought a Feickert protractor and after while I got tired of guessing where the center is on the slotted, threaded screw that sticks up above the vertically aligned bearing. Its not a good visual for me to get it right on.

Now I got-a-think this has been done before...but there was just enough screw sticking up to stack a second nut on top of the first one. The second nut is literally on there by a thread, the center is empty and it then becomes a centering hole for the protractor. Just drop the Feickert pivot alignment rod point in the nut "centering hole" and jiggle the Tri Planar arm with loosened mount screws into place. Tighten things down and easy a cave man can do it!

If the nut that comes with the arm was twice as thick you would have a built in centering hole for a Feickert purpose built protractor. Fast, accurate, repeatable. With a custom piece of hardware one could achieve a fast and super accurate pivot to spindle set up for the Triplanar.

Any thoughts? Terry
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